Wednesday, February 4, 2009

happykidsholidays is one month old!

It's been less than a month since we launched happykidsholidays and already our website has received over 1000 visitors. We've been talked about and listed on several internet forums, had our details passed around dozens of local authorities and different groups and associations, had our first bookings and we're even branching out across the Atlantic with interest from an association in Canada. And we survived a week with no electricity following the storms in SW France!

It’s been a lot of hard work to get to this stage, with many people helping and offering advice, and being patient when we had teething problems – thank you to all of you, but especially to Colleen at giggleIT who has been encouraging and supportive, and without whom happykidsholidays would never have got off the ground.

I’ve received numerous emails from people in both the UK and France, telling me their stories, and offering their advice. It would obviously be inappropriate of me to publish many of these now, but I’d like this blog to be an interactive space where both holidaymakers, (potential and actual) and property owners can share their experiences and their tips in a way that is beneficial to everyone. For me, this is what happykidsholidays is all about –working together for a positive and happy outcome for everyone..


Flossie said...

I've just been sent your details and think happykidsholidays is a fantastic idea!! Looking forward to having more time to look at the site but just wanted to say well done!!!!

Holiday Ray said...

Congratulations to Emma, Colleen and everyone that's helped along the way to get the website off the ground.
I think you've all done a fantastic job and the project can do nothing but bring happiness to so many families.

Well done to you all !

Martin D